-Rachel Z

"Tim Price is truly blessed - he plays music because he loves it."
-Charles Lloyd
"Tim Price is one of the real ones !
A good friend and a great player ! "
-Phil Woods
"Tim Price continues to explore and develop his deeply personal approach to music. Through the years his persistence, determination and passion has enabled him to create a stellar reputation as a multiple woodwind master, composer, producer, author and last but not least educator. Tim is one of the best musicians active today and I'm happy to say he's my friend...."
-Bennie Maupin
"Tim Price is an important figure, in our special world of jazz music. His understanding, and perpetuation of the great tradition , while being open to exploring advanced concepts, is evident both in his teaching and playing. Tim is making his contribution, in many ways."
-Lew Tabackin
"My man Tim and I go way back. We first met at Berklee College Of Music in the early 70's and were tight from the start. He's one of the most soulful people in my life with a love and passion for jazz and the saxophone that's his whole being. His thirst for knowledge and sharing his discoveries through publishing books of transcriptions, improvisational concepts, and poetry is inspiring to say the least. Tim's study of the entire woodwind family is also rare in today's world of one dimensional musicians. He's all about the joyous journey and expression of music, into it's deepest history and always about today!! Keep tellin' your story my brother....I'm listening hard...."
-Joe Lovano
" Tim Price is a friend and comrade. He is a marvelous saxophonist, and multi-instrumentalist who deserves attention and exposure. He gets a great sound on everything he plays, and his technique is superb."
Good Fortune,
Charles McPherson
"Tim Price is one of my best friends and a great soloist.He knows much more about saxophones, Jazz and the lives of musicians than anybody else. Keep on doing your thing Tim!"
-Hans Dulfer
"In these dark days of jazz, when stars are created in publicity departments, Tim Price is a breath of fresh air. As a musician Tim has developed a high level of craftsmanship on several woodwind instruments, something unheard-of in our time. As a teacher Tim brings to his students a rare understanding of the history of the music and an on-going innovative search for ways to learn. Perhaps most importantly, Tim has the gift of being a great listener. I'm always inspired by Tim Price- the artist, the teacher, the lover of music, the entertainer."
-Bennie Wallace
"Tim Price is a gift to the saxophone community--he is constantly sharing his jazz finds, is very active in the jazz education field, and, most importantly, swings and funks his butt off!"
-Jenny Hill
"Tim's unique approach to playing combined with his passion and enthusiasm copel you to listen to him. He always surprizes me with his inventiveness. I am a Tim Price fan."
-Jerry Bergonzi
" Tim Price is the only guy I know who could hang with Phil Woods and Little Richard at the same time! He's the ultimate student of the horn, and understands the importance of tone, melody and feel as well as technique better than any other woodwind player on the planet. You cast a very long shadow, my friend. "
-Dave "Woody" Woodford
"Tim Price is a living lexicon of the music ,....Not only a virtuoso performer(truly a Monster) on all reed instruments(including Bassoon), he also posesses one of the widest knowledge of the language and compositions of the music.
He's also a genuinely nice guy a great teacher, and my close friend-THANKS TIM -
for everything.....Groove and Swing.."
-Bert (Wheelz) Wilson
"Tim Price is a modern tenor player deserving of the same accolades bestowed upon the most successful musicians of our time. His dedication, enthusiasm and undying love of jazz music is unsurpassed by no one. He is an artist who's thirst for creativity has resulted in he being one of the "Baddest" reed players on the planet. As a drummer who has performed with Tim on numerous occasions I can only say that "Time is of the essence!" In Tim's case, the word "Time" has a double meaning. His concept of playing "Time" is one of the most enjoyable to play along with....and because of this..."His Time will come!" LOOK OUT!,
-Chuck Zeuren
"I have performed with just about every major bop and jazz saxophone player during the last 55 years - including Charlie Parker, Sonny Stitt, Jimmy Heath, Dexter Gordon, Harold Land, Art Pepper, Hank Crawford, Gerry Mulligan and Sal Nistico to name but a few. And each one of these cats had a uniqueness of their own, and, they could swing! There's another cat out there with a uniqueness of his own, and he too, like the above mentioned, can also swing. His name is TIM PRICE and he's a definite throw back to the greatest era in jazz, bebop! Tim Price has it all. He knows the recipe. He knows how to cook, and knows how , when and where to add the right ingredients. ie... shading, color, hues, dynamic restraint, and most important of all, great time and proper placement. TIM PRICE would have been right at home playing with all the rest of us cats on 52nd Street. TIM PRICE is one of the FEW saxophone players who really excites me. Cats like Tim are born not made."
Artt Frank- longtime drummer with Chet Baker
"Tim Price embodies jazz. he lives it, and has been generously sharing it in a "back room" kind of way. it's time for him to be heard. "old school bop" to "greasy funk" to "god knows what the hell else he'll come up with".(electric jazz bassoon maybe? )
watch out for this stealth madman. like real jazz, tim is full of suprises."
-Claire Daly
"Among today's reed players, Tim Price versatility, energy, and passion are unsurpassed. The country of Jazz is fortunate that Tim is a among its citizens. He is a difference maker"
-Ernie Krivda
"For me, Tim Price is like Ultraman of the Saxophone. He does it ALL so well, from his inspirational playing to his heavy commitment to teaching. I'm a huge fan of TP's, no one has more energy and enthusiasm for the saxophone and jazz tradition. Thanks for getting your website up. -You know I'll be a regular visitor!"
-Kenny Brooks
"Tim Price has captured my imagination on many occasions with his forward thinking arrangements and wonderfully captivating playing. He is a unique musician made more unique because he has searched and found his own voice. Truly a rare find in music."
-Jeff Coffin
"As jazz educators go, Tim has got to be one of the most thorough in his knowledge of and love and respect for the rich history of the jazz tradition in saxophone. What's really rare though, is for an educator to be such a MONSTER on every imaginable reed instrument!! Tim has a unique and true voice on every ax I've heard him on, as at home on tenor in an organ trio as he is on solo bass clarinet, or in a bebop quartet, or on electric bassoon. Worry-free playing at its most musical, the world needs to hear Tim Price"!
-Jim Spake
"Tim Price is an extremely gifted multi-reed instrumentalist of the highest order and is a very creative jazz musician ..and last but not least he is one of the great educators in our music called Jazz"
-David Schnitter
"Tim Price is a man of great depth and unlimited curiosity-he is the only person i know who can explain and musically illustrate the concepts of such different artists as gene ammons, jimmy lyons, artie shaw, maceo parker with equal amounts of love and insight.
-his playing on all of the saxophones, bassoon, nagaswaram, clarinets...is filled with passsion, wisdom, swing and the blues--he is a great friend and a very funny soulful human being---"
"I really appreciate Tim's talent. He is a serious musician with a fathomless love for Jazz. He projects his truth through sound. More people need to know about what he's doing!"
-Eric Person
"Tim Price is one of these very rare musicians who besides being able to play several horns with technical mastery also conveys a sense of genuine passion and creativity "
-Ivo Perelman
In the midst of listening to a bunch of music recently I heard Tim Price's music for the first time. What a breath of fresh air! Here was well-played, swinging music that reached out to the listener with warmth and heart without being stupid and simple-minded."
-Charley Gerard
" Tim is perhaps the most consumate all-round reed player we have on today's scene. A superior saxophonist, bass clarinetist, esoteric flautist and improviser. Tim has also, in a larger sweeping sense become a teacher to a whole generation of saxophonists out there, with his articles, freely offered pages of interesting chordal, scalular and non-chordal excercises, freqent observations on the sax websites etc etc. He is a saxophonis't's saxophonist, a musician's musician and a big soul'd and big hearted presence on today's struggling jazz scene...in a word, the greatest!"
-Loren Pickford
"Tim Price--a true friend who plays with soul & grease and has the message!!"
-Michael Marcus
"Tim Price is the real deal: He is thoroughly grounded in the history of the music and equally committed to exploring new ways of playing. His enthusiasm and openness for all kinds of music is exemplary and contagious. We can play a free improvisation together, slide into a Bebop tune and have a ball in both worlds. Tim has a true jazz Spirit -- a great love for the music and the musicians."
Scott Lee...Bassist
"I've known Tim Price for over 25 years, ever since our days as students in Boston.He is a jazz musician who plays with enormous sincerity and integrity on all the saxophones as well as (believe it or not} bassoon. He is a dedicated educator who has written numerous studies for saxophone and transcribed many solos. He has also taught privately for years. For me personally, I think of Tim as a wonderful and generous colleague, a source of encouragement and inspiration in a diffucult and often heartless business.
Thanks Tim for all you contribute."
-Roger Rosenberg
"Tim Price, the essence of soul, both as a musician and a person."
-Ray Pizzi
"A rare combination of world class-player and gifted teacher, Tim Price brings to whatever he does a lifetime of serious dedication to his craft, and a musical perspective that encompasses and respects all genres. I can't overstate his effect on my playing; I consider myself fortunate to have the opportunity to hear him play, study with him, and hang out with him, and I now count him as a friend as well as a mentor."
-Jimmy Carpenter
( saxist with blues legend Jimmy Thackery )
"Tim is a great saxophone player and a scholar! He is very proficient in what ever he chooses musically and as a teacher of music. I really love the transcriptions he did on Coleman Hawkins. I think that is the way a transcriptions should be. You can tell he's very dedicated to what he does."
-Antoine Roney
"Tim Price can 'walk the bar' on tenor, and then play bassoon, flute or clarinet at your grandmother's tea party. He is a rarity amongst
musicians: a player whose virtuosity is matched only by his versatility. He's a great communicator who always reaches out to help others. I recommend him often"
- Sweet Sue Terry
"Tim's music is full of surprise and mastery. His passion for creativity moves me most.
Weather it be on the blues or bebop from avant-garde to the Beatles. Tim's artistry is an inspiration to me"
- Carol Chaikin
"Tims playing is on top right across the board. Swing, Bebop to Modern.His knowledge of the music and great chops will get him through any situation.!!! His sense of form is awesome.Combine that with his blues roots and his love of music you get one fierce player on any bandstand.WOW!!!!!!"
-Arnie Krakowsky
" Being a drummer, I am always seeking energetic, rhythmic and passionate horn players to join in on my musical journey. Tim is a perfect "traveling partner"...a drummers dream come true! He swings hard and plays with intense passion. He speaks through his horn, conveying his love of creative music and rhythmic mastery."
-Allison Miller
"Outrageously great clarinet playing!"
-Michael Brecker
"Tim Price is the real deal! He plays with a lot of passion, excitement and beauty, always keeping the jazz tradition in mind, but not being a slave to it. He is completely underrated, and should be much more well-known! Here's to Tim !"
-Virginia Mayhew

"My friend Tim Price is a player of true talent and versatility in the very competitive world of professional saxophone. As if it isn't hard enough to master just one or two of the saxophones, Tim has the rare ability to play ALL the woodwinds, every model of single and double reeds, with equal agility and skill which is an incredible accomplishment in and of itself.

However in Tim has something musical to say on each one of these instruments. And there is an infectious sense of warmth, humor and enthusiasm that comes through his recordings and performances which just makes you feel good when you listen because you know these qualities reflect the inner man. Tim knows how to either get down on a burning or intense tune or go deep in the musical reflection of a ballad.

As well as this, Tim has graciously passed on his deep knowledge of jazz and its tradition to a countless number of students and its quite obvious that he really cares about passing on the torch, not just making money. Having hung out with and learned from some legendary players himself, Tim has unselfishly assisted so many young players through his private teaching and music method books and this in turn has helped to keep the spirit of the saxophone alive.

Also it should be mentioned that Tim is an excellent writer/reviewer...Instead of being the type of critic who might in reality be a frustrated musician with an ax to grind, one who goes out of his way to disparage some player's CD, Tim on the other hand, a real master of jazz and the saxophone, takes the opposite tack...looking at the positive aspects of a player's content and intent and he has the true knowledge to back his comments.

When all is said and done, it simply comes down to this; the world of jazz and woodwinds is better off for having a caring professional of high standards and talent like Tim Price in its ranks."
-Tom Alexander