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One of the most creative human beings on the planet. Not to mention a legendary and one of a kind musician, leader and innovative spirit. Charles Lloyds music is something that has a spirit and message within its many dimensions. A life long inspiration and someone who is a dear friend as well.
Here is one of the best players on this planet and probably any surrounding planet that is available for cool far out sounds. Marty not only is one of the top studio players in LA on clarinet and woodwinds but he's one of the most original saxophone players in jazz playing today. A long time friend and inspiration, Marty is so far out that he's in!! It's very easy to understand that comment when you listen to him play. He has the same kind of energy for creating a personal statement as Ben Webster did. Not only am I a huge fan of the personalized Krystallesque jazz approach he has when he plays but also his committment to excellent musicianship. Heres a musician that not only Monk would have hired but also Stravinsky and Brahms would have put him to work as well. Also, check out my mans clarinet barrells - there's nothing like them when you're looking for a barrell that won't change due to weather.
Please check out my Brazilian bro' Mauro Senise. A compelling force in Brazilian jazz and really one of the very best musicians I know. As a young man in Boston...I was close with Victor Brazil the great alto player. Mauro reminds me of this passion I heard in Victor but taking it to the next level. I think you'll agree that Mauro has that special something musically. Listen to him!
Nobody sounds like Sue Terry- lend her your ears. We'll be recording soon. Sue Terry is outta sight !
The place for everything. Great class treatment and home of one of my best friends and repair gurus- Roberto Romeo. Tell them T.P sent ya!!
Lew is without a doubt one of the best tenor sax players ever.
I've learned a lot from Lew. It's a pleasure to be able to be inspired by him and also share a bandstand at times. Hearing Lew makes you want to practice!!! Lew is inspirational. And~ if he keeps hanging with Chuck Z...who know what could happen. hahaha~
No question everyone has their favorites; but this guy is an innovator and visionary mouthpiece maker. My man Fred. Check him out! He always knocks me out- The best stuff on this planet. He's amazing. One of my favorite human beings and gifted person. Fred is far in !!! Very cool one of a kind mouthpieces. Keep on bro' !!!

Check it out!!!
The sax stand...nothing else will do. THE BEST.
My man and one of my best friends- tenor titan Hans Dulfer. Check his music out...someday he and I got to record. What a sound Hans has-WOW.
One of the very best modern alto players saying something of her own. I really enjoy what Candy does and how she does it. She is one cool lady ! Candy plays very hip and every note has feeling and a message.
Jack Prybylski is not only a long time friend and fellow saxophonistic follower in making sure your groove is vibrating, but also a student of mine who has not only shown incredible growth skills but also an unquenchable thirst for the music be it jazz, smooth, R&B, or just expanding his knowledge as a player. He is also an excellent example of what a high school music teacher should be. I've done clinics at Jack's schools and have walked away impressed and learning something from his ability to just be an excellent human being. Check out his sound bytes as well, he should be out there doing it with all the smooth jazz guys without question. If you like musicians that have that smooth jazz chill, Jack is one of the best, and a Yamaha clinician to boot.
The of a kind- LIQUID HORN. Who got da' fonk?? Jenny Hill does. Beautiful music played by someone who knows the real deal. My friend as well as long time bud in sax.
A visionary....and man of originality. What a romance and story John has been telling over the years.
Wanna swing? Wanna groove? Get your ears on C.D!! My friend and sympatico of many, many dimensions. Claire rocks!!!
Mr Alto in my book. If I win the lottery I'm gonna record with Charles and Phil Woods. A great inspirational human being as well.
This guy...Peter Loeb..plays everything...and is a fantastic person too. I heard him in 1973 sitting in with Sonny Stitt at the "Top Of The Gate" in NYC and never forgot his name-or playing.It's an honor to be his friend.
One of my favs. Honest music and dimensions in his craft. A fantastic person as well. He is blessed.
I use Sally bass clefs bassoon reeds and they kick butt. Very cool products by a very cool person. Sally bass clef grooves out!
The name says it all- PHIL WOODS.
My man Phil. An inspiration and friend.
I'm a tenor freak. Spend days listening to all the Bb masters of the horn. This guy - Vince Wallace ranks up there with the masters. Fluid time-original ideas and he tells a story really personal. One of the most unique players now or then!!! I can't wait to play with Vince.
Listen to this guy now!!!! NOBODY.........Ever sounded this inspirational or fantastic. One of my close friends. ( I did so many liner notes for him ) Another legend I need to play & record with. Bert- I love ya bro. You knock me out.
A stopping point for me when ever I'm near the Bay. You gotta get into poetry. It helps your playing and vision musically. Reading is vital to as much as you can. Or~Just ask Phil Woods!! Phil is a voracious reader. As is Steve Lacy. This place, CITY as cool as it gets. Beatbooks, poetry, original books...get a chair and start reading. A fantastic oasis for your mind.
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