Recognized worldwide as an important jazz musician-educator, Tim Price has also received acclaim as a best-selling author as well as teacher in the jazz education field. He has given workshops all over the world along with exceptional high school programs. Tim also teaches at the New School of Music in New York City.

With all these various experiences, via his professional jazz musician background he can help any jazz program become more focused and productive.

Tim Price has many unique big band charts to perform with your big band and/or with a small group. Tim is sponsored by the Selmer Company, which provides partial funding for workshops. Please email at for fee information.

Please call 610-370-1544 for details, times, and fees.

In performance-oriented settings, Tim Price works with young artists to improve both musical awareness and technical skills. When circumstances allow, it is informative and interesting for directors and teachers to help their students prepare materials to play in a master class setting. Students and faculty benefit from both the performance itself and Tim's expansion of musical ideas along with a fresh, creative perspective.

In the clinic forum, Tim encourages students to participate by presenting relevant subjects and compositions by the masters , asking questions and sharing musical and, sometimes, personal concerns. Tim will then respond through discussion and, if appropriate, demonstration. Tim will also urge participating faculty and students to express their thoughts and share their experiences and feelings on matters under discussion.

These ideas provide a great point of departure and inspiration for students of all ages and musical levels.

Read what others have to say about clinics with Tim Price...

Tim Price is truly an inspiration. He quickly builds a positive rapport with the students as he assesses and evaluates their skill level. Tim then begins working with the students on their level, quickly helping them ascend to new musical heights. To hear him speak is motivating; to hear him play is nothing less than awe-inspiring.

Jodi Faro
Director of Bands
Martin Kellogg Middle School
Newington CT 06111

As music educators, it is our responsibility to present our students with numerous opportunities for them to develop as instrumentalists and gain a deeper appreciation for the music itself. It would be in your student’s and programs best interest to incorporate the talents and wisdom of Mr. Tim Price.

Tim is an outstanding instrumentalist, musician and educator. In addition to these well-documented talents, his sincere interest in the development of young musicians may be his greatest asset. I have had the pleasure of having Tim as a guest clinician. Tim’s interest in my students and program did not end with the time he spent with my program. To this day, he still asks about the well-being and development of my students some of whom have graduated.

Tim’s clinics are amazing! They are well paced, informative and fun! Your students will have a wonderful and rewarding time working with Tim. Tim will work very closely with you on developing a clinic that will benefit your students and your program.

I highly recommend Tim for your next clinic.

Jack Prybylski
Director of Instrumental Music, Niagara Falls high School