Charlie Mariano
Listen to Charlie Bechlers link above for the way this band grooved in 1970!
Beyond any labels or category. The music was pure.
Nothing sounded this innovative at it's given time. They opened for the Zappa bands 
and Miles Davis at " The Boston Tea Party" Boston.
A great _Filmore style_ concert hall-club in Boston.
In this record and the live gigs....Mariano was playing Alto saxophone and soprano saxophone. Flute and nagaswaram.
Within a full blown rock based volume setting with two drummers. The wall of sound was amazing. Considering Charlie always played strong, this was a real event to hear.
This band....OSMOSIS was on a world based level with any major rock band.
 They could of easily had the cult following that Jerry Garcia did with the Grateful Dead or even the song writing
 influence that other major stars did in that time period. After all this was 1970. There was not a "Bitches Brew" recording
 by Miles Davis yet, and no Brecker or Sanborn sax sonics had yet to appear.
THIS BAND...was one of the pioneer bands of the day. And-one of the most interesting.
 Maybe someday RCA will see it's importance and put it on CD-reissue.
 As Mariano moved to Europe from Boston in 1970, the stage was being set for
 some dramatic playing and world class saxophone innovations.
 Check here to find some current Mariano projects.,,463310,00.html
 As I get time, I will be putting more Charlie Mariano information on my site.
 For a musician born Nov. 11, 1923 , Boston he certainly has given the _WORLD_some insightful musics.